Griffin & Cecilia :: Newborn Twins

He comes a whole lot of CUTE x 2!! I was so incredibly happy when Erin emailed me about photographing her twins, and to top it off – a boy and girl! I feel like lately I’ve been given some pretty cool and unique experiences with clients. After lots and lots of newborn shoots, I can honestly say I’ve never had the pleasure of photographing twins. I was a bit nervous before this shoot. I dreamt the night before that I just went the shoot and played with the babies the whole time. By the time I realized I needed to start the shooting, it was dark outside and I had no window light. HAHA! Who dreams about this random stuff? I woke up relieved!

Anyway, so Griffin and Cecilia were so sweet and well behaved! They slept for me almost the entire time, so we were able to move them around a good bit. I’ve been anxiously waiting to share this session with you guys, I just finished up with the photos :) Thanks again Erin and Donnie for giving me the opportunity to photograph your little peanuts, they are too adorable for words! The twins were just around 5 lbs each, so we stayed inside for this shoot. A little different than the typical newborn stuff I usually post, but I am so thankful for this. It PUSHED me to think harder, to study, to practice my lighting, to get creative and find new props and ideas! LOVE LOVE!

I mean…. seriously??

Wittle smile!Sweet as pie!!I think I need this really big on my wall!!Melts my heart!Cecilia gave us a ton of smiles :)They love each other!!Christmas gifts came early for Erin and Donnie! :)