Danny & Ashley :: Maternity

I was so excited when Danny & Ashley contacted me about a Maternity session! It’s funny, I can remember meeting these two several years back at Copeland’s one night when Randy and I were eating, haha! Randy went to school with Ashley & Danny and we have a good bit of mutual friends. We took these last week in City Park. We started out in Storyland which always makes for a cute, colorful atmosphere! Then we headed over to the other part of the park near the bridges and water. The weather looked fine when we started but then about midway through it began to drizzle a little bit. Towards the end, we finished our session because we heard a HUGE POW!!! Lightening had stuck the tree right by us! That was it, we were done! It started pouring raining and we walked back to the car drenched, haha! Thankfully, we were all okay, but I swear driving home I thought my hair was still standing up!

Here are my favs from their session, this was before mother nature ran us off :)