Bathroom Renovation!

So as most of you know who have been following my blog for a while, Randy and I live in a cute older little house in the neighborhood where we grew up. Both my parents and my in-laws live less than 2 minutes away :) We’ve taken this house room by room and did what we could afford at the time. First it was the den, hallway and our bedroom. (Took paneling down, ripped up the carpet, refinished the wood floors, put crown molding up, new doors, new knobs, new blinds, fresh texture, fresh paint, all new closet doors, new front door) You get the picture… our house has had a major face lift. We then moved on to the kitchen, which some of you may remember. This was our biggest expense and totally worth every penny. I have really enjoyed cooking dinner with Randy in our kitchen and sipping wine together after a long and stressful day. It’s the place where we get a chance to actually talk about our day, talk about life and future goals/plans.

Next we re-did the laundry room and my office, which was right around the time we did the kitchen. Well almost a year later since the kitchen renovation and 6 months of being married, we decided it was time for the bathroom to get freshened up. So here it is… all our stages are below. It’s been so relaxing to take a shower in there now, knowing we have a fresh new tub, floor and cabinets. Our house is finally starting to feel like home where we have put so much of our time and love into it.

Special thanks to my brother Jimmy for getting this project rolling for us. He is a great contractor and knew just what to do next. With his dedication to get it done and our style thrown in there, I think it came out great. We love our painter Matt who is in Randy’s band. He is the only person I would ever recommend to paint. He’s painted something for just about everyone in my family. His business is Perfectionist Painting… and he is just that… a perfectionist!

To be completely honest, it takes a lot of patience to renovate a house. It’s not the easiest circumstance, especially when last month I shot over 20 sessions. It was tough to juggle it all. There are bound to be arguments and tiffs along the way about this paint color or that tile, etc..  In the end, it’s all worth it though. It only brings you and your better half closer, makes you communicate more and learn how to problem solve. After being with Randy for almost 10 years, I can honestly say the main ingredient is communication.

So here’s our process from start to finish. We are just about done with our house. We have one more bedroom to renovate, the garage outside would look great with new siding and I would LOVE to paint the bricks. One day at a time…….. one day at a time :)

Happy Thursday Ya’ll! Be on the lookout for 5 photo posts next Mon-Fri from my shoots this week.

Oh, my favorite part of the new bathroom, is my makeup organization now!