Well hello there!

It’s been a while, huh? :) A lot has been going on lately and I feel like I’ve been going a mile a minute for quite some time now. This weekend I really enjoyed spending quality time with my husband, my family and inlaws. I can’t wait for my upcoming road trip next weekend with my best friends. All the girls are headed to see our friend Amy who lives in Alabama. It should be pretty entertaining – this is our High School group that has been friends for about 14 years! Never a dull moment, that’s for sure!

It’s hard to believe that Randy and I will be married for two years next month, where has the time gone? All I prayed for when we got married was that God would lead me in the right direction with my business – I wanted to dive in full force. And that’s exactly what happened. I shot 5-7 portrait sessions a week and a Wedding every other weekend. It was probably sometime late last year when I realized something had to give. I couldn’t keep up this fast paced life anymore. I am being completely open and honest here… I missed my loved ones. And for what? To feel like a hamster on a circular wheel? Some extra money in my savings account? We have everything we need and you surely can’t take it with you! I will continue to work hard, but not at the expense of my happiness. If any of you have followed my blog for a while – you’ve witnessed first hand the amount of work I was taking in. I run this business 100% on my own – from emails, to wedding appointments, photographing all portrait sessions, editing every single wedding and session, burning CD’s, making client packages, creating online galleries, blogging my favorites from everything I photograph, designing Wedding albums, all album ordering, all mailings, photo orders, website updating, hosting, buying business supplies- the list could go on for miles I feel like. I’m not trying to say how great I am, I just want people to know how hard it is sometimes. There are lots of new-by photographers out there today that only see the glitz and glam. This is a business that requires attention just about 7 days a week. I also don’t go run off to the mall all the time, I come back to my office after every single session and work a 9-5. Most of the time it’s late hours in the evening, too! Since we’ve been married my business has been my baby. It’s like having a child. I tell God thank you every single day for blessing me with this career. I am not complaining because I know this is what I was born to do. Sometimes it just takes time to figure out what works best for you. Over the past 5 years in business – I’ve learned so much about myself.

I thought back on what I had prayed for…. a business that would take off. Well it did and then I realized how greedy it can made me sometimes. When I felt like I needed to take in every little inquiry that came through my email, it surely began to catch up with me. Then I started praying for clarity and for guidance on how to change the things that weren’t making me happy anymore. I wanted to live a life that revolved around love, carrying for people and making the most out of everyday. I didn’t want to come up for air in 10 years and realize I missed the best days of my life. So I slowly started cutting back. Taking in less and less Weddings, saying no to Portrait sessions that were going to put too much stress on my already booked up week. And then it all seemed clear. My stress began to diminish and my calendar didn’t look like a bomb went off anymore.

Thank you God for continuing to bring people into my life to photograph, thank you clients for allowing me to live out my dream. You guys bring me so much happiness :) So I just wanted to fill you all in on my schedule and how things are changing. Starting in June, I will only be booking 4 sessions per week. I will take in 1 extra last minute session per week if my schedule allows for it and I am caught up with work. I am taking a break from booking Weddings to focus on my portrait sessions for a while and enjoy some weekend time. Thank you to all of my past couples who have trusted me with your Weddings. Your special day is forever in my heart –  I am honored to have been able to live and celebrate that moment with you. Now lot’s of my past brides are starting families – so it’s exciting to hear from them again!!

I am looking forward to this summer. More time with my loved ones makes me want to cry because I am so happy. I plan on exercising more, eating healthier, cooking dinner, baking, yoga and just plain out enjoying life. I hope you all will continue to follow my journey. I am much more than a photographer – I can’t wait to have the time to share more of my life with you all over the upcoming months. I hope there’s no hard feelings with the decisions I’m making with my business, this is just where I am in my life right now. I just need a little time for me. Don’t we all sometimes? Just to step back and soak in this beautiful life? God Bless and thanks for continuing to check in to see what’s new. You’ll be hearing more from me soon!

If any of you are feeling stressed out and the days all run into each other. Take a step back and pray about it. Ask God for help and begin to make moves in creating a life you truly want for yourself. One that revolves around love, happiness and relationships. When I slow down is when I notice all the beautiful things I was missing out on before. The little moments that sneak up on you and make you realize how good you have it. That’s God talking to ya ;) I have been trying to find the words to write this blog post for months now… it wasn’t until I went to the beach for 5 days last week that I had some time for reflection. To clear my head and make sense of everything. If any of you have free time during the day, start listening to Joyce Meyer Ministry Broadcasts. Joyce is so funny, tells it like it is and really knows how to put things into perspective! Much love to you all!

If you are thinking about booking a session, here is an update on my availability. I am only booking 4 sessions per week. I know there’s a few people who inquired about sessions, but still haven’t gotten back to me. I am unable to reserve your date if you haven’t confirmed yet. Also, if you are interested in newborn sessions – most Mom’s reserve a space asap to insure they get a session, I am no longer accepting last minute newborn shoots.

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June – 2 spots left

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August – 3 spots left

September – 5 spots left

October – 1 spot left

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December – 5 spots left

**If you are contracted into my ‘Grow With Me’ plan, please don’t panic – I already have your session space reserved on my calendar. **