Stella :: 6 Months

Stella is cute as can be! I loved her little outfits that she wore for her shoot! Her eyes are just gorgeous! I was excited when her Dad brought me a couple of goodies on the day of her session. He loves collecting old rustic pieces and he knows I like them, too! I now have a really funky old white window pane that I can’t wait to do something with. It needs some photos and to be hung on the wall. He also gave me a little wooden bench as a prop that he found. I can’t wait to paint it! Thankful for my thoughtful clients!! YAY!

You wouldn’t believe the phone calls I get from clients or family members when they see props somewhere that I might like. Stuff at antique stores, on the side of road, where ever!!  Our house is a bit taken over right now when all my odds and ends! I think I need storage unit, haha!

Here are some of my favs from Stella’s session!!! Such a little DOLL!