Nick :: Portraits

A couple of months ago I had somewhat of a different request for photos….. to photograph a FIREFIGHTER! In his gear! Nick contacted me via the good ole’ facebook page which has done wonders for my business. I am thankful day in and day out for all the people who are able to view my work via facebook. So anyway, Nick told me that every year the fire department puts together a calendar of all the local fireman. He wanted to book a shoot to take some photos of him in his gear and some nice dress clothes.

I am soo used to photographing kids, families and weddings. I was a little unsure how to approach this shoot! He just told me what types of images the calendar was looking for and I went with it! We chatted alot about old cars, which I was a huge fan of the red mustang he brought along! Also, he told me how just a couple of nights before he had been called out to fight a fire. Re-living the whole thing, he explained how it is to be the man behind the fire proof suit. He said it is such rush when you’re out there! This reminded me of the tough job that these guys really have!

As always, I am so fortunate that my career allows me to meet so many new people on a weekly basis. I love hearing everyone’s stories. I only hope that my blog can take you into their lives for a quick peek by sharing a little bit and showing some photos.

So here is Nick! Lets hope he makes the 2012 Fireman calendar!!