Jonathan & Lindsey :: Wedding

This is a very special post that is dear to my heart. I met Lindsey back during my college days at LSU, we had English together. We remained facebook friends, but it had been a really long time since we’ve seen each other. I had been keeping up with Lindsey’s blog about her fiance’ Jonathan’s battle with cancer. About a year ago Jonathan was diagnosed with cancer and has been receiving treatments at MD Anderson in Houston. Lindsey left her job and has been by Jonathan’s side ever since. Although I don’t photograph Weddings anymore and I’m booked up for the rest of the year – there was no way I would say no. I am a firm believer that God leads the way and shows me where to follow him. Without hesitation, I told Lindsey I would be there. I photographed their beautiful outdoor ceremony on October 20, 2012 on the lakefront in Mandeville. The weather was perfect! These two showed more love and strength then I have ever witnessed at a Wedding before. It was a true honor to be there documenting this special time in their lives. I cried behind my lens as their personalized vows to each were spoken. Such beautiful words.

I will continue to preach that I feel God’s presence with me day in and day out. I am thankful to have a strong faith. I am appreciative to get the opportunity to be surrounded by people who also believe what I believe. Who have faith when the days look dark and continue to keep a positive outlook on life. None of us are promised tomorrow, so we need to make the best of today. There is so much more to be thankful for. Remember to stand up as an individual for what you believe in and celebrate the simple things in life……

I have no problem expressing my faith. I am not afraid to say I feel God’s peace with me everyday. Being a photographer for the last 5 years has brought some pretty amazing people in my life for which I am blessed. I try my best to stay connected, stay humble and know that God is helping guide me in the right direction. I find God in other people, it’s hard for me not to. Being self employed.. I have no problem saying God is my boss. I work hard and I’m thankful for the gifts and people he has brought in my life. Amazing people like Jonathan and Lindsey show me strength. I don’t keep blinders on… I am awakened and my eyes are wide open for Christ and his goodness.

Cherish each day as your last, love to the fullest and never forget the power of prayer. I now share with you a very special Wedding of two beautiful people who are very rich in faith! Much love to you Jonathan & Lindsey, I am continuing to pray for your speedy recovery!

I will be attending Jonathan’s benefit next month. If you would like to donate or attend, please click HERE!!

Lindsey’s Blog click HERE!!

I started off with some Bridal shots of Lindsey, followed by a “first look”, next the ceremony and then I snapped a few shots their dinner reception afterwards!