Cork Board Project!

Hey Ya’ll! I’m just taking a little break from editing today to share one of my recent craft projects with you! I started this tack board probably about 4 months ago, maybe even longer. It all started when I broke a mirror… BOOO I know! I was trying to hang it and I pushed too hard and there it went, a crack all the way down the center. So what was I going to do with it? I saved the broken mirror pieces which I am sure will find it’s home someday when I use them for another craft project. I was left with the mirror frame and didn’t want to throw it out…. I decided I wanted to make a tack cork board for my office so I can hang up all the cards that my clients mail me.

So here is my process of turning a mishap into art. These are all taken on my iphone- so quality isn’t that good, but you get the gist!

First Randy helped me cut the cork, so that it would fit right in the frame.

What it looked like before I started laying newspaper – nice but just boring..

Day One!! I’m outside enjoying the beautiful sun on the patio table. Started putting down the first few pieces. It’s easy… just cut paper into strips, then paint on the glue with a small paint brush, next just lay strips across.

Day Two!! I’m inside now- about 3 months later, haha! The pieces will hang over, that’s okay- you can cut them off later.

Lexie really enjoys laying on whatever project I have going on….. Laundry, Newspaper, Magazines, you name it!

Day Three!! Another couple of months later.. I am now at my parents house working on this. It’s a Sunday, Mom was cooking, I took the day off, just enjoying the day, being lazy, etc…

Complete! Now it just needs to be hung!

What it looks like hanging in my office. I have some of my clients save the date, Christmas and thank you cards up there too ;)